Subrogation Services

At Trover, we recognize that you know your business’ needs better than anyone.  Our client solutions team works collaboratively to create tailored and comprehensive subrogation programs for our clients.  We deliver exceptional results for many of the nation’s largest health plans, representing recoveries on behalf of millions of lives.

Targeted Identification

Accurately identifying claims for subrogation potential using data-driven technology is the foundation of a successful recovery program. 

Troveris®, our proprietary software, allows us to analyze data at the highest level in the industry.  Troveris® mines, reviews and identifies your claims data, probing for files with recovery potential.  By continually investing in and enhancing our selection logic technologies, Trover is an authority in finding the claims with recovery potential. Our technology allows us to customize data mining techniques to individual clients. By creating highly sophisticated screening criteria, we are able to identify all recoverable files, with member sensitivity at the forefront of our solutions.

Investigation & Management

Professional and hands-on investigation and management of files is critical to maximize a recovery’s potential.

With more than 25 years of working with health insurers, Trover has perfected its investigation process. Trover works collaboratively with each client to create a customized investigation process that fits its business, and that works best with its members.  Each tailored process is designed specifically to connect members with professionals in our responsive Call Center, typically generating a response rate greater than 85%.

To successfully manage files with recovery potential, our Knowledge Based Assignment tool makes sure that files go to the right people with the right skills. Knowledge Based Assignment allows us to manage specialized requirements, such as state law, group rules, recovery type or paid claims value.  Trover’s high professional standards ensure that no file is lost or overlooked.  With our highly trained and highly tenured staff of examiners and operational support, you can be assured that your members and your business are receiving a superior commitment to quality and service.

Pursuit of Recovery

For every file, our goal is to achieve the maximum recovery from each settlement, as well as maximum client satisfaction.

Each claim has the right people working on the right tasks through to recovery.  With industry-leading expertise, our professionals are skilled at negotiating settlements and protecting our client’s subrogation rights. We recognize that subrogation efforts sometimes require legal research, training, case-based advise and negotiations, and when necessary, Trover Solutions engages its dedicated legal team. Trover provides comprehensive litigation management services for its clients through Gibson & Sharps, PSC.  Gibson & Sharps employs over 40 attorneys licensed to litigate cases in 18 states.  Click here to learn more about Gibson & Sharps, PSC.

Client Solutions Support

A collaborative approach produces the greatest results.

As the primary stakeholder in our recovery efforts, you should be kept informed of our progress and success.  Trover clients receive regularly scheduled executive, financial and claims information reports, in addition to on-site and headquarter visits.  We continually develop and improve reports as part of our commitment to quality, keeping you up to date every step of the way.  We’re pleased to report that every collaborative relationship has yielded positive recovery results for our clients.